Mohammed Nazari


Physical Therapist
I have been practising Physiotherapy for 20 years and for me it is a great passion. My main focus is on orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries with a special interest in sports injuries.
I am a strong believer in active treatment and teaching people simple and doable exercises with minimal equipment. This way of practice teaches independence and therefore a better chance of permanent resolving of the injury. In my assessment I provide my expectations of the recovery and guidelines to follow. 

Nissa Hove

Exercise Therapist

As an Exercise Therapist, my scope of practise includes clinical and non-clinical populations. As a CSEP-CEP I perform assessments, prescribe conditioning exercises, as well as exercise supervision, counselling and healthy lifestyle education for healthy individuals and/or populations with medical conditions, functional limitations or disabilities associated with musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, metabolic, neuromuscular, and ageing conditions.

(Paraphrased from CSEP description of Exercise Therapy)

Joel Marchand

Massage therapist

I have been practicing Massage Therapy now for almost 12 yrs and I still love every minute of it. Over the years I have taken some continuing education to maintain my practice, and by doing so I now focus my practice on deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, but it’s not limited to that. I see a wide range of patients for many different ailments.