Free Foot Assessment

Free Foot Assessment

To show our appreciation to our community we offer free foot assessments to the public. This process normally takes a few minutes and consists of two parts:

 1. Computerized foot scanning using Aetrex foot scanning technology.

 2. Assessment by a physiotherapist.

 Performed by

Mohammed Nazari, Physiotherapist B.Sc PT MCPA

I provide educated advice to help treat or prevent injuries.

The advice may be one of the following:
I. Proper foot wear: please remember proper foot wear does not have to be expensive or of a specific brand.
II. Simple exercise: some simple stretching or strengthening may be all that is needed.
III. Treatment and referral: when further professional treatment is required, I make a recommendation accordingly, often to a podiatrist, physiotherapist, medical doctor or other professional as appropriate.
IV. Orthotics: orthotics maybe recommended if deemed necessary.